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A Reference Book for Line Dance by Astrid Kaeswurm

Reference Book - from ANCHOR STEP to WEAVE

Handbuch für Linedancer - Lindance einfach erklärt


Ladies and Gentlemen!

In any dance sports there is a reference book
„From Anchor Step To Weave“ is the reference book for line dance
In Germany it is that kind of book since 2011

Topics are:
- The correct execution of the basic steps
- The kind of music and the way to transfer it to my dance style
- More basic information, important for people who do line dance

Now, this book will publish in English language for the first time with 1000 copies.

Extract / German
Extract / English
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Definitions
Chapter 2: Dance Floor - Dance Rules
Chapter 3: Body
Chapter 4: Step Combinations / Turns
Chapter 5: Music Basics
Chapter 6: Choreography
Chapter 7: Structure of a Dance Lesson
Chapter 8: Motion / Dance Styles
Literary Sources and References
Dance Overview

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