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A Reference Book for Line Dance by Astrid Kaeswurm
  Thanks to :
  • My husband Peter, whose patience and acceptance towards my hobby is continuously challenged.

  • My friend Robert Hahn, who always believed in me and motivated me to publish this book. Without him, I would have never had the courage to do so.
  • Harald Harland, one of my best friends and editor of the County- and Bluegrass magazine “No fences”, who spontaneously volunteered to offer his talent in doing the layout for me
  • Arlene Krammer-Cryde, my better half and co-instructor, who spontaneously offered to proofread the English translation.
  • Georg Schulz, who helped me a lot, especially in chapter 5 music basics.
  • Monika Mickein, expert for Standard/Latin Dances and a close friend of mine, who revised respective parts for me in her charming Nordic manner.
  • Luzy Löser, who upgraded the book with her professional illustrations.
  • Freya Steinhagen, who haphazardly took the photo of my feet during a workshop. Since then, it has decorated the book’s cover.

. I am also grateful to all the others who supported me inexpensively or even free of charge.

Astrid Kaeswurm 

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